About Artful Home

artistry is our passion

We seek out the most exceptional works of fine art, craft, and design for your home and wardrobe—and we are thrilled to share them with you.

find your inspiration

Discover dazzling art that speaks to you. Our juried collection features over 36,000 pieces—a breadth that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

focused on North American artists

We represent almost exclusively North American artists—some of the most accomplished makers working today in the USA and Canada. Most artwork is shipped directly from their studios to your home.

unique clothing, exceptional designers

Most of our clothing and shoes are designed by American artists and made in small batches in the USA, with select offerings from outstanding international designers.

artist-made jewelry

Our extensive selection of handcrafted jewelry offers an inspired approach to adornment and an incredible breadth of styles.

over 35 years' experience

Launched as The Guild in 1985, Artful Home has been successfully connecting artists and art lovers for over 35 years.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Artful Home is embarking on a journey to become a more inclusive and equitable company.

We believe that creative expression exists in everyone—across all dimensions of identity. Yet not everyone has equal access to the places where their creativity can be seen and heard. Therefore, we are working to break barriers of access for artists, makers, and designers. We are committed to celebrating and representing the true diversity of american culture.

We are also determined to expand our workplace culture to one that values diversity and centers equity. We are cultivating a culture in which every voice is heard and every team member feels a strong sense of belonging.

We recognize that this will be an ongoing transformative process that requires systemic change. We will demonstrate our commitment by supporting our team members in this process and providing education, training, and growth opportunities. And we will hold each other and ourselves accountable—because the work may not be easy, but it is necessary.

What We Do

Imagine surrounding yourself with works of art that truly move you or make you happy. At Artful Home, we make it possible for you to find your inspiration among thousands of works created by talented artists and designers. Most pieces are shipped directly from the artists' studios—offering you a personal connection with the artist.

Artful Home helps artists get exposure and sell their work. Thanks to us, many artists are able to quit their day jobs or spend less time managing their businesses—and spend more time in their studios doing what they love.

Our Mission

Art is our passion. We are dedicated to offering the most exceptional and beautiful works of fine art, craft, and design for your home and wardrobe. We are equally committed to supporting the livelihoods of the celebrated North American artists and designers who create this work.

Our Artists

Craftspeople. Designers. Artisans. Makers. Creators. There are many names for the talented people who create the artwork we love—and countless approaches to bringing these pieces to life.

From painters and glassblowers to furniture makers and clothing designers, we represent more than 1,200 accomplished artists, most of whom work in independent studios in the USA and Canada. We are proud to present this diverse roster of remarkable artists to you.

Every artist who applies to Artful Home is individually evaluated in a rigorous jurying process. Only a fraction of the artists who apply are accepted—those whose work demonstrates an exceptional level of creativity, craftsmanship, beauty, and integrity. Read more about our jurying process.

Art with a Story

Every work of art at Artful Home has a story to tell—the story of the artist who made it. Once you invite it into your home, it becomes a part of your life—and the story continues.

Art can be the painting over your couch or the sculpture in your garden. It can also be your coffee cup, your favorite dress, or your wedding ring. When these objects are created with care by talented North American artists, they are stunning to behold and a joy to use.

Supporting the Arts

We are thrilled to partner with American Craft Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting appreciation for contemporary American craft.

This is my second [piece by this artist] and I love this one as much as the first one I purchased. The design, colors, and quality are of the highest level. Once again, Artful Home delivered in a very timely manner and the packing and care of this piece was superb!

—customer review
    of Kyoto
    by A. Andrew Chulyk
Everything is great...service, packaging, delivery, and most importantly, the sculpture is beautiful in its new home.

—customer review
    of Thread of Life
    by Cheryl Williams
I am amazed at how delicate and beautiful these earrings are. How [the artist] does that with these materials is beyond me. I'm sure these will stay in the family for generations.

—customer review
    of Melody Drops
    by Aleksandra Vali
My new cairn graces a small shelf in my dining room, overlooking our happy family gatherings. I added a small definition painted next to it on the wall, explaining that cairns help travelers find their way forward...or home. It's both a beautiful and symbolic piece of art for me.

—customer review
    of Cairn Rock Totem in Beige
    by Melanie Guernsey-Leppla
The artwork arrived exactly as described, it was shipped quickly, and was extremely well packed. This is a fantastic example of fine craftsmanship by a very talented artist! A welcomed addition to our collection and we're looking forward to adding more of her work throughout our home!

—customer review
    of Tile Shard #2
    by Rhonda Cearlock

Our Dedication to Quality

We are passionate about artist-made and artist-designed work for your home and wardrobe. We love knowing that each piece has been carefully crafted or designed by a talented artist. We appreciate the subtle variations that make each handmade or small-batch piece completely unique. We carefully curate our collection to ensure that the pieces we offer are beautifully crafted with great creativity, skill, and attention to detail.

Handcrafted Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent shopping experience. Our Artwork Specialists—located here in our Madison, Wisconsin, office—are dedicated to helping you find artwork you love and making your experience great from start to finish. Need to make a return? Want to commission a custom work of art? It's easy. Just give us a call.

Who We Are

We are artists. And art lovers.
Many of us who work at Artful Home are artists or makers ourselves. All of us are enthusiastic about North American art and design.

We are a growing company.
Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, our dedicated team is passionate about furthering our mission and reaching new audiences.

We believe in bringing a human touch to everything we do.
We love talking to customers and artists—making meaningful connections. Call or write to any of us, and you'll get a response from a real person.

Our Roots

Artful Home got its start in 1985 as a publishing company that helped artists sell their work to designers and architects. In 1999, it was transformed into a successful website and catalog offering fine works of art for the home. Today, we continue to offer a breathtaking variety of art through our catalogs and on our website.

Giving Back

Since 2003, Artful Home has supported CERF+, a non-profit organization that assists artists during emergencies. Through grants, loans, and education, CERF+ has helped save the careers of hundreds of artists—including some we know well. We are proud to contribute to this vital organization.